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LGBTQ+ Family Rights: Parents and their partner(s) have the floor

Are you part of the LGBTQ+ community?

Do you have one or more underage children?

Did you separate from the other parent of these children or did you modify your daily organization with this parent (if you have never been a couple)?

Or is your partner facing this type of situation?

Whether you have experienced a severe conflict or you get along well, your experience is important to us.

Our research project aims to document how LGBTQ+ parents cope with marital dissolutions and family blending.

We would like to meet you to discuss confidentially of your family history. This interview would last approximately 2 hours and take place in a location that you feel is conducive to the discussion.

Participants will receive a $25 compensation ($40 if babysitting is required).

The interviews will be conducted by Émilie Biland-Curinier, the main researcher, Joanie Bouchard, PhD Candidate in Political Science at Université Laval, and Flavy Barrette, Master’s Student in social work at Université du Québec en Outaouais.

In order to participate, please send an email to the main researcher (emilie.biland@pol.ulaval.ca).

Are you concerned by this study? 
If you identify yourself with sexual and gender diversity as well as with parenthood, we trust you! All individuals (as well as their current partner·s) who do not define themselves as heterosexual and/or whose gender identity differs from the one that was assigned to them at birth are included in the scope of this study.

About the main researcher:

Émilie Biland-Curinier is an Associate Professor at Laval University in Quebec City. She has been working on family justice for ten years. She is alerted by prejudices directed at emerging family forms and wants to document the access to justice for individuals who identify with the LGBTQ+ community.

This project has been approved by Laval University’s ethic comity (Comité d’éthique de la recherche de l’Université Laval): Approbation number 2018-227 A-2 / 04-03-2019.


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